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Spring 2020

Women Activists 

Original interactive art installation in the Rocklin Campus Library of Sierra College in Spring 2020

Sierra College had created a committee composed of faculty, staff, and students to organize a series of events for Women's History Month during March 2020. A sub-committee of three faculty members (Jennifer Lugris - Art, Jane Le Skaife - Sociology, and Jenifer Vernon - Communications), a staff member (Rose Mackenzie - Student Engagement Center), and a Sierra College student (D. Ortega) organized activities for the week focusing on art and culture.


One of the events was the Women Soaring interactive art installation in the Sierra College Library featuring "Women Activists," who fought ardently for women's rights in diverse ways. Participants at the exhibit were invited to view their profiles on display and also contribute their own artwork of women whom they appreciate. Following the installation, Jane decided to collaborate with her best friend, Jackie, to transition the in-person exhibit into an online platform.

Click on one of the images below to learn more about each activist.

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