In the midst of social unrest concerning racism around the world, the Woman Soaring Project has consciously chosen to focus on "Women Antiracists" for its upcoming Fall 2021 exhibit. As a precursor to that upcoming exhibit, we are currently accepting submissions of appreciation for women antiracists in honor of Women's History Month. Please click on the "Call for Art" button above to find out more details about the submission process and how to appreciate a women antiracist who has been influential in your own life. To see examples from last year's art installation for "Women Activists", click HERE. As we continue to receive submissions during the month of March, our gallery wall below will continue to grow with the names and art of women antiracists as we expand our collective appreciation for these incredible women in the past and present.

The Super Gresa by Shkurte Ramushi
Ildiko Nova Moneca
Vogue by Sara Radomirovic
Lynn by Ildiko Nova
Everyday Women Antiracists by Jane Le Skaife
Katherine Chatterton AntiRacism Artwork by Cameron Chatterton
Women Soaring Project by Celi Rodriguez
AOC by Victoria Bonifacio
Women Soaring Antonia Enriquez by Maria Llamas Haro
We Are All Related by Linda Webb
Dolores Huerta by Alexandra Yakovleva
Madam C.J. Walker by Nora Herrick
This is MY Time by Gigi Woodward
For Those Who Couldn't by Coppelia Dennon
Liz by Ani Maxwell
Tupoka Ogette by Marieke Plate
Minnie Bruce Pratt by Haven Bundy
The Women in My Life by Diana Romero
Evelyn Yoshimura by Megan Guay