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Each spring exhibit of the Women Soaring Project (WSP) seeks to focus on a particular theme celebrating women. Below is a list of all current and past WSP art exhibits. 

Current Project

Spring 2023

Women Environmentalists

Women Environmentalists 2023 - Flyer Banner.png

WSP has selected "Women Environmentalists" as its annual theme for 2023. We are highlighting exceptional women in history who ardently fight to protect the environment in various ways this upcoming spring during Women's History Month in March 2023. Please click HERE to learn more about women environmentalists.

Past Projects

Spring 2022
Women Antiracists

In response to the social unrest over racism, the spring 2022 theme focused on antiracism and the women who have fought ardently against racial inequality and discrimination. To learn more about important women antiracists in history who made a conscious and concerted effort to eliminate racism at a personal and institutional level, please click on the postcard below or click HERE. You will also find an accompanying art exhibit featuring antiracist artwork from around the globe.

Spring 2021
Women Suffragists

In commemoration of the centennial anniversary of women's suffrage, this fall theme highlighted a diverse group of women who were instrumental in the fight for women's right to vote. Click on the postcard below to continue reading about the historical figures in the movement and see the accompanying art exhibit, Women Suffragists, featuring 48 artists from around the world.

Square Skintone Antiracists Flyer.png
Women Suffragists Flyer

Spring 2020
Women Activists

The original spring show at the Rocklin Campus Library of Sierra College focused on celebrating inspiring women activists who were pioneers of their time and championed women's rights in diverse ways. Click on the image below to read more about them and the interactive art installation on the Sierra College campus.

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