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Who is Adelina Otero-Warren?

Adelina “Nina” Otero-Warren was born in Los Lunas, New Mexico and was able to skillfully negotiate her Hispanic, Native American, and White backgrounds throughout her life. After moving to New York City, she became increasingly involved in the women’s suffrage movement and was asked to head the New Mexico chapter of the Congressional Union (precursor to the National Woman’s Party). During her tenure, she insisted that suffrage literature be published in both English and Spanish in order to reach a wider audience. Otero-Warren was critical in renewing interest and respect for both Hispanic and Native American cultures.

“This Southwestern country, explored and settle nearly four hundred years ago by a people who loved nature, worshiped God and feared no evil, is still a region of struggles.”

Adelina Otero-Warren

Photo of Adelina Otero-Warren. Retrieved from the Library of Congress

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